The Internet
is a big place.

We help keep your online personal information safe.

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boy looking at iphone

How we keep you safe

Get 24/7 monitoring for a range of online privacy risks and threats. Step-by-step solutions and security education included.

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Get notified of new security threats

Be the first to know when a social media site has been breached, when your email has been stolen, or if a family member is at risk online.

What our customers say

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"Online stalking and identity
theft are getting huge and,
for the most part, folks just
aren't aware of the scope
of the problem. Yet."

- Mike S.

"I was concerned when I first
saw my score in the 'Unsafe'
range, but with your help I
raised my score 180 points! It's
very comforting to have that
fixed. Keep up the good work!"

- Andy H.

"The most helpful thing was
that... I didn't realize that all
my Facebook posts have been
set to Public... After
finding this out I was able to
go back in and turn the posts
that were about my daughter
to Private. Thanks Hueya!"

- Brian T.

"Just ran Breached Account
Advisor, f*cking awesome
man. Really cool execution
and great idea on how to
add value."

- Jon D.

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